It’s a fun time to be a Trekker creator! Right now, I have one foot each in two separateTrekker stories. I’m finishing the colors on the last handful of pages for “Jekka”, and simultaneously getting into the inks on the next adventure, “The Volstock Payoff”.  And I was reflecting once again on how lucky I feel to be working on a series that can shift from high-blown sci-fi adventuring to gritty crime noir, western, semi-fantasy and just about any other genre that I fancy, while still staying true to the concept and rules for the series as a whole. So, to celebrate that, and to slip in a little sneak preview for the next tale (which will be one of those crime noir-tinged stories) here’s a grab bag of images from the once and future Trekker tales.

A special thanks to those of you who have been contributing to the series through either Patreon or the direct, one-time donation button, as well as buying the books when they come out. I’m deeply proud of the loyal and generous following that Trekker has held and sustained over it’s time thus far, and excited to see the list of readers and supporters is continuing to grow! It’s a ton of work to get these stories done to the standards that I strive for. Your support lets me know all the effort is worth it. And it’s great to have your company as we continue to follow Mercy from one explosive setting to another.