While I’ve been having a great time concentration on bringing “JEKKA” to a close and starting up the next Trekker tale, I’m also excited for the convention appearances that I have coming up. They are: Northwest Comic Fest, August 15-16, Rose City Comic Con, Sept 19-20, Baltimore Comic Con, Sept 25-27, and ZappCon, Oct 17-18.

Conventions have always been a  fun part of this job– a nice break from the days at the board. And since I’ve returned to Trekker, I like them more than ever. The chance to meet or renew connections with fans and to make brand-new Trekker readers is a great energizer at each show I attend. And while I’m always focused on getting the printed Trekker books to as many willing readers as possible, just chatting with friends, doing a wide range of convention sketches, and maybe visiting with Supergirl when she drops by makes for a full and a fun time.Hope to see you at a show this season!