For the archivists out there, “Smuggler’s Blues” is Book 2 of the complete Trekker work as I am assembling it here in It original appeared as “Trekker #1” from Dark Horse. The first three Dark Horse Presents short chapters comprise Book 1, simply called “Trekker”, here in the complete run.

And speaking of complete, remember that on the Gallery Page I will continue to post covers and occasional concept sketches from each book as it comes onto the site. (This involves me shuffling through many old sketchbooks and reliving the early days of creating Trekker. It’s a fun, though sometimes humbling process.) The most recent additions are the cover to this very book and the brand-new illustration I have done for the up-coming Emerald City Comic Con. Emerald City is a wonderfully well-run convention. I highly recommend it to one and all.

And speaking of high recommendations, let me say a word about Dylan Meconis’ Family Man on-line novel. A long-form labor of love, Family Man is elegant and captivating from the earliest pages. And it both requires and rewards a reader’s commitment to stay with the book for the long term. Not unlike the results I hope to achieve here with Trekker, although we are telling two very different tales.

Or are we?