Today’s page presents an interesting challenge in transferring these printed comics to the web. In its original context of the printed issue this image was a double-page spread which benefited from that impressive scale if nothing else. Here it appears as a single –though hopefully dramatically weighty– panel. What I was going for was an echo of the iconic Jim Steranko double-page spreads that he drew in a few cherished, visionary issues of Captain America back in 1969. It’s a mark I fell well short of. But there was something bold about devoting two full pages to one story moment. Had I a better mastery of composition at the time the effect would no doubt have carried through much better, even here in this web-format. As it is this will have to for now. Though my plan remains to eventually return all these stories to print, where this image will be seen again in its original context.

Meanwhile, heads up to one and all that I have posted another set of three fresh pages to the Spoiler Alert page. The action and the bullets are flying fast and furious by this point in the story as it rushes to it’s first dramatic climax a few pages further down the road. Since this set of three pages follows so close on the heels of the three I posted just late last week, I am leaving all six up for the time being. Hope that will satisfy the curious for a little while as I attend to other business for a bit. Enjoy!