Our epically zombie-choked Trekker/Johnny Zombie team-up, “City of the Dead” is now available as a digital download from Thrillbent for just $1.99! That haunted and tortured soul Karl Kesel and I have teamed up with the Thrillbent folks to create the above ghastly new cover image and lots and lots of extra features like the example below, where we discuss our process and approach to creating this uniquely digital comics-reading experience. Karl and I had a blast exploring the possibilities and potential of the digital comics format, and we are very proud of what we came up with. This big  digital package is the best way to experience the results, and to get a ton of sweet behind-the-scenes images and and insights!Karl has also written an excellent blog post about why people should pay money for something they can read for free. Spoiler: It’s the way we get to keep doing stuff you like to read.

You can also check out the rest of the excellent Thrillbent digital offerings here!