Even as this week marks the end of the “Avalon Bay”pages posting to the website, it sees the debut of the story in print– as the Dark Horse TPB makes its appearance at the the Release Party at Bridge City Comics here in Portland. The book comes out officially on April 16th, which just turns the party into a Pre-release event! I’ll be there with advanced copies on hand to sell, sign and sketch in. Come in, say hello, and pick up a shiny new copy of the first of the all-new TREKKER volumes in the works!And speaking of “all-new”, be here next Monday for the launching of Mercy’s next adventure: “Jekka“. While it begins in the shadows of New Gelaph, this time out Mercy gets entangled in events which will take her back into the stars. The tale will profoundly alter the course of her life, expanding her view of the world she moves in, and changing her understanding of who she is. It’s been a tale long in the telling and I can’t wait to begin sharing it with you. Be here!