Another powerful early influence on my art, on my over-all aesthetic was the elegant, graceful immaculate work of Russ Manning, particularly on his MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER series for Gold Key Comics back in the 1960’s. I read these tales as a very young boy, and their influence runs so deep in me that I’m often unaware of how strong and pervasive it is. I’m afraid I often over-look Russ when I’m asked, “who are your major influence?” The oversight isn’t because his influence was slight– quite the opposite. Everything about those Magnus stories fired my imagination– the grace and power he infused Magnus with, the beauty of his love Leeja, the slick, slightly silly robots, the gleaming, stream-lined urban future.
The splash page for Chapter 2 of “Sins of the Fathers” seemed a perfect spot for me to work in a tribute to Magnus and Manning, so I jumped in with both feet!