And so concludes the first Trekker story. I breathed a sigh of relief that I found my way through the first chapter, and that I’d been able to incorporate many of the elements that I wanted to establish in Trekker’s world. By now, the word came from Dark Horse that they’d like Trekker to appear in her own title. Right away. So, taking another deep breath, I prepared to jump off the deep end and into crafting a full-length, stand-alone story. I’d learned a lot from these first short chapters, and hoped it’d be enough to carry me through “Trekker #1”–which starts appearing here tomorrow!

And thanks for those of you stopped by my Artist Alley space at the New York Comicon on Thursday. It was great to speak to you and I hope to see more of you through the weekend. I am easily found at the table number that doubles as a great status update: I-8. See you there, and bon appetit.