Trekker’s first adventure rises to its resolution and Mercy is confronted with the hard realities that come with the job.

In anticipation of the conclusion of this story tomorrow and the beginning (in two days) of the second adventure, the first full-length tale as it appeared in “Trekker #1” from Dark Horse Comics, I have just added a couple of new images to the Gallery Page— the inked cover from that first issue, and also a brand-new illustration that I’ve done for this year’s Emerald City Comicon. This is the first finished Trekker illustration I’ve done in some time, and it was great to see how natural it still feels. The drawing is here in black and white– the wonderful Jeremy Colwell colored version won’t appear until the convention. So plan to attend!

And speaking of conventions– I hope to see you this weekend at the NYCC. All that glorious madness begin to ramp up in mere hours!