Over on the Trekker Patreon site, I’ve created a new reward level: for $5/mo. you can download handy, user-friendly PDFs of every Trekker story. If you want to experience Mercy’s tales digitally, this is the way to go. Plus, I’ve gussied-up the files as much as possible, even digitally water coloring several of the covers just for this PDF collection– including one never-before-seen cover that I drew back in the day but was never printed. So, exclusive art and easy-to-read files of the entire Trekker series to date are ready for dedicated Trekker Patrons! But mainly, I’m hoping for your support to help make the demanding, rewarding on-going process of telling Mercy’s adventures just a bit easier. So, if you can pitch in at any level, that’s great. Either way, Mercy and I are excited to stay right here where we’ll continue to explore the 23rd century with you all. Don’t forget to pack a side-arm!