Hey Trekkerites, Just a quick reminder that you can do Mercy and me a huge solid anytime you help to spread the word about the series. You may have noticed a few new little share buttons that I’ve recently added to the website to make that easier. More shares and mentions leads to more followers and more regular readers. That leads to more over-all support. All of which makes it easier for me to keep producing the stories and getting them into shiny new print volumes as well as up here on the website. And that is ultimately what helps the most to keep the Trekker Train rolling.

Naturally, you can also support the project most directly by checking out the Patreon Page as well.

Whatever you choose to do to help the cause, it all contributes to me spending more of my time on Trekker and less on other projects. And that gets more stories into your hands quicker.

Thanks for joining the journey. We ain’t going anywhere but Onwards and Upwards from here on.