As you can see by the button at the top right of this page, I’ve just launched Patreon page for Trekker.  I hope you’ll check it out. For those unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a way for readers to contribute in any amount they wish on a monthly schedule to help sustain ongoing projects. Like webcomics.  Like Trekker. My plan continues to be to ultimately collect each Trekker story into a print volume. But the time and the work involved to get to that point is substantial. There’s a long stretch of time between getting printed books out. A long time where I’m posting pages and related material for free. This often requires me to take on outside work-for-hire projects so that I can sustain the work on Trekker. Outside projects are fine. Most of the time, I’m lucky enough to work on truly fun jobs.

Still, it’s all time spent away from Trekker. I’d love to get to the point where I can devote most of my time to this project, so that I can produce the series of tales steadily and regularly. Your support, by picking up the print volumes when they come out, by mentioning Trekker to those who might like it, or by joining the Patreon page is the best way to get there.  And, should you feel inclined to pledge even slightly above the minimum, you’ll see I’m offering  some exclusive extra glimpses into the work and thinking that goes into the series. So, again, I hope you’ll pop over for a look.

Meanwhile, Mercy’s journey through the stars with Jekka and company continues to shift gears. A brief respite, and then a push to an Act Two crescendo awaits. Hold on tight!