As I wrap up the posting of the guest-artist story that Dave Dorman drew so wonderfully for me, it’s time to look ahead. The first order of business is a progress report on the all-new story. “The Train to Avalon Bay” is moving across the drawing board at a steady and satisfying pace. I’m posting more rough pencil pages such as the above at the “Spoiler Alert” page so you can keep track of progress if you wish. I’m about 40 pages into the 48-page story, and I can’t wait to have this new tale done and to add it to the Trekker chronicles. It will start appearing here as soon as all the existing tales are posted. Plans are also just about firmed up for when and where it will also be printed! And since that’s been the goal all along, I’m particularly excited to see that happen. I’ll spread word as soon as things are finalized.

Meanwhile, in two days, I climb back into the drawing chair myself as I begin posting one of the most important and pivotal of the original Trekker stories: “Sins of the Fathers”. This 40-page story originally appeared as a “Trekker Special” from Dark Horse Comics. It was significant for delving into Mercy’s past, and revealing how she came to be a Trekker. Events from the story also resonate far into her future. It’s one of the tales I am particularly proud of. It was also the first Trekker story to appear in color. And in light of all this, I am giving this story special treatment for its return here at Check in on Friday and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!