rites_cover_webThe huge news in the Trekker Empire this week is that right now your local comic book retailer will be getting the solicitation for the next Trekker book: Rites of Passage. While the book won’t be on the shelves and in the hands of fans and readers until February 8, now is the crucial time when retailers place their orders. These are the numbers that Dark Horse looks at to gauge the level of support Mercy St. Clair has out there among the comics reading masses. It’s sort of like our own special Election Day.

I don’t know about you, but I want Trekker to win this election in a landslide. If that sounds good to you, there’s a very simple and amazingly effective thing you can do to help. It’s sort of like going out to vote, only here you don’t have to fill out some dreary old election ballot: you get to make a trip (or even just place a call or send a friendly e-mail) to your favorite Local Comic Book Shop.  Tell them you are excited for the new Trekker book, Rites of Passage, and that you want them to be sure to reserve one for you. And while they’re at it they should order several more for all the other fans that you know would love our favorite sci-fi bounty hunter’s adventures.

And, while picking up the book from a local seller is a great way to support both the comic shops our industry is built on and also support the creators, if you don’t have a LCBS, you can order the book directly yourself through Dark Horse/Random House or Amazon. Either way, you’ll be lending the support that keeps the Trekker Empire vial and thriving.

So, this Election Year, don’t forget to vote. And in this case, that means casting your ballot at your LCBS for TREKKER: RITES OF PASSAGE.