Chapletown_designs-1bWEBWith The Volstock Payoff reaching it’s conclusion, it’s time for our trip to Chapeltown.  To prepare for that journey, I had to build a world and setting that hit the right notes. Above is a glimpse of some of that design work. Over on the Patreon site I’ve posted all the images I’ve come up with to set the table for this next story, and some notes on just why and how this next tale will be so pivotal for Mercy. If you want all the inside scoop on what’s ahead, I hope you’ll consider becoming a Patreon backer. The more of you who can support Trekker this way, the better I am able to produce the new stories. It’s a simple numbers game.

The design work is always one of the most fun steps in crafting a new story– everything is potential and promise. You are experimenting, free associating images, searching for a feeling and look that will match the tone of the tale you are telling. I try to approach it with a playful attitude. It helps to keeps me “loose”, and tends to lead to the most joyful discoveries.

I’m so excited for this next step in Mercy’s story. While we start off in the familiar streets of New Gelaph, before long, the trail leads us elsewhere. The scale will expand, stakes will rise, and Mercy’s journey of self-discovery will become richer, more intense and more explosive than ever. So strap on your shooting irons and get ready for a dust-up when Chapeltown hits the website starting next week!