Rites-Of-PassageCover-pencils_LogoWEBSoooo many things going on in Trekker land these days! As The Volstock Payoff wraps up and I’m preparing to launch the next tale in just a couple weeks, I am also going back to the previous story, “Jekka” and preparing it for print. To help me with that, I’ve brought on board the very talented Shawna Gore as my editor/sounding board/coach. Shawna has a ton of experience through her years at Dark Horse comics and adds a deft, insightful touch to my work on Trekker.

I’ve always felt that every creator needs an editor, and in Shawna I have found an excellent set of eyes and hands that are helping me to keep moving Trekker forward with as much excellence as possible. Shawna’s feedback has included everything from careful proof-reading (and many of you who have spotted my typos, grammatical gaffs and spelling errors will know just how necessary that is!) to ideas on presenting the series effectively as I continue to have Mercy’s story evolve. The evidence of Shawna’s sharp input will be apparent when the next volume comes to print. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what it will include:Rites-peeks_WEBThe biggest, or at least most obvious adjustment is that we have decided to re-title the story. So, I have switched from “Jekka” to a title that will be more broadly self-evident as descriptive of the story: “Rites of Passage”. I will also, as I did with “The Train to Avalon Bay” be adding a few additional pages of story to fine-tune some of the tale’s pacing. And, with some extra coloring experience under my belt, I’ve gone back and touched up a few aspects of that as well.

While the next TPB is still a bit down the road, I did want to get the story re-titled here on the website as soon as possible to avoid confusion so far as I can. I’ll be shouting from the rooftops when the print version is ready to come out. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the conclusion of The Volstock Payoff this coming Monday, and stick around to see where Mercy’s trail needs next in the story I’m calling “Chapeltown”.