Holidays are busy times, so I’m missing a couple of my semi-regular Thursday posts. Thought I’d just share this fun watercolor commission of Supergirl. Careful Trekker readers may recognize this pose from Mercy’s “Rules of the Game” story. That was part of the commission request, and made for a fun “translation” from Mercy-style action to that of Kara.

supergirlAlso, it gives me a chance to put in a word for the CBS TV Supergirl series. This show gets all the big stuff right– Supergirl has charm, sincerity, just the right touch of awkwardness, a lot of smarts and a lot of heart. It’s tough, idealistic, aware and inspirational. It’s a perfect reflection of my own take on the character. I hope it flies high for a long, long run. Cheers to Kara, and Happy Holidays to all Trekker readers.