CTEXd9hUAAIVzZfHere’s the latest on expanding Project Trekker:

First, I’m working to add more behind-the-scenes, work in progress and advanced look materials to the Trekker Patreon page. The image above is from a new process post  there, where next week’s page is posted early, along with notes and images of the steps along the way to the finished page. So, here’s your helpful reminder that Trekker has a Patreon Page!Patreon-link-image_final350WEBNext, I’ve also realized that a dedicated Trekker E-mail list is will occasionally be a terrifically valuable tool. Notably, this is the most reliable way I’ll be able to directly notify you Trekker followers of major Trekker events, such as when the next  TPB will be coming to print. With Jekka completed and The Volstock Payoff well underway, the plans to get our next volume into print are getting closer all the time. And I’ll want to let everyone know as soon as I have word on that. So, feel free to shoot me a message and let em know to add you to the E-mail list!

Trekker-Mailing-list-pg-01WEBAnd one more reminder that liking the Trekker Facebook Fan page, following me on Twitter and other social media are all great and valuable ways of showing and sharing your support. Every convention I attend, I see and hear from more and more fans and readers. it’s clear to me that the word is continuing to grow steadily ever since I returned to telling Mercy’s story. That is immensely exciting and gratifying to me. EUCON_title2-e1436301084421

Lastly, a heads up that next weekend, Nov 14-15 I’ll be rounding out my fall convention travels at the bustling Eugene Comic Con!  This will be my first Eugene comic show experience, and if it’s anything like the great time I had up in Tacoma last weekend, it will be a fine way to end my road trips until my convention season returns next spring. Hope to see many of you in Eugene.

Mercy_Molly_Scuf_colors(1) copyWe have a long way to go in telling Mercy’s story. I have the next several adventures blocked out, and Mercy’s world will be growing and changing in lots of exhilarating ways. I hope you’ll stay captivated as well, and I trust you’ll keep letting me know how I’m doing!