photo (3)Still on something of a high after last weekend’s Baltimore Comic Con. Trekker got a generous and enthusiastic reception from the superb fans at this extremely well-run and still completely comics-centric show. I was busy all weekend, and met a great number of both new and long-time Trekker readers. As physically exhausting as a convention can be, I find them equally emotionally energizing, when the fan reaction is as strong as these conventions have been for Mercy’c stories.12027495_483161151842930_4696064359751942717_nYou might notice that my display now includes Trekker’s new unofficial spokescritter. Since we finally included him in one of the prints featured at the shows, Scuf has decided he’d like to take a bigger part in things. He’s generally well-behaved at these events. I just need to keep him away from my coffee. And actually, as the stories continue, we’ll be seeing a bit more of Scuf. So, I hope to keep the rascal (4)One of the highlights of the show was being surprised with a terrific set of custom-made Trekker laptop and tablet bags! The wonderful folks who host the fan podcast Trekker Talk (see link in the right column) printed these up and presented them to me at the show. I was floored and flattered and excited to use them! Darrin and Ruth also came prepared with an excellent set of questions for me, so we had a lively interview covering the creation of Trekker, the way things are going and where it’s all heading. I expect they’ll be posting that episode soon, and I’ll let you all know about it when it’s up!





A big part of any show is doing some conventions sketches, and this show let me do a nice array from the always-delightful Catwoman to a novel mash-up of Fury Road’s Furiosa and War Boys with a “Walking Dead” twist. It’s taken me some time to get really comfortable with sketching at the shows, but I’ve settled into a routine by now, and they are always a lot of fun.

11174926_10204204083777125_5177438196579538975_nOne more great high point of the weekend was closing the show with a mini-Kubert School reunion with Tim Truman and John Totleben, two of my cronies from back in our art-student days. We hadn’t been together in many years, and it was great to see that we all have fine families, thriving careers, and a passion for our lives and our work. And it was also a reminder of how lucky I was to spend those crucial years surrounded by some of the best guys and most talented young cartoonists on the planet.

Three more fall shows coming up! But I’ll be hunched over the drawing board when I ‘m not on the road to keep the Trekker tales coming! See you here next Monday.