As our “Jekka” story rumbles toward its climax, I’ve been prepping the next tale– script, thumbnails and design work. One of the things I love most about creating Trekker stories is that, being a wide-ranging sci-fi story, each adventure can have its own feel. One tale, like our current one, is a star-spanning space opera complete with huge space ships, crash landings on alien worlds and swamp monsters. The next might have the flavor of noir detective story. Or a  gritty western, or a swash-buckling pirate adventure. We can flirt with ‘super-heroic’ dynamics, or fantasy elements in the guise of far-future technologies and life forms. It all keeps things fresh for me.

The common thread, of course, is Mercy herself. Her “arc” as a character ties all the individual adventures together into one semi-unified whole. At least, if I do my job right.

Keeping the series grounded with some degree of believability is another way I try to hold the stories together. That includes costuming Mercy in ways that feel true to her character and to the setting and situation of the moment. Above are three outfits she’s gone through over the course of “Jekka”, and a peek at a look she will sport for a while in the next tale. Usually, Mercy is dressed prepared for the rough-and-tumble life of an adventurer. But sometimes, she slips into a look that reminds us that she’s not always out to track down a bounty. But don’t worry: even when Mercy’s not looking for trouble, it has a way of finding her. And her regular “Trekking” gear is never far away.