Well, no one was more surprised than I to learn that two incredibly supportive Trekker fans have launched a podcast where they discuss all the Trekker stories. Trekker Talk takes one story per installment and goes over it in thoughtful depth and detail. They also have fun contests and other ways to engage with their listeners.  It’s flattering if a bit disorienting to know that the series has inspired that kind of enthusiastic support, and I’m very grateful to the couple, whom I have met at convention appearances over the last couple of years, that has taken the time and energy to put this together. I hope you’ll give it a listen! I’m sure they’d love to hear from many other readers.

Not only is it exciting to have the podcast out there as a way to celebrate the series, I’m equally grateful for its presence as another way that people might come to her about Mercy St. Clair for the first time.

As passionate as I am about producing the series and getting it out to as many readers as possible, I feel far from equal to the task of doing so on my own. Having readers who are willing to jump in and come up with creative ways to help spread the word– whether that’s by launching a podcast, or sharing a post, or talking up Mercy’s adventures at a local comic shop– is a tremendous boost, and allows me to return to the drawing board with even greater energy than before. So, thanks to Ruth and Darrin, and to all of you who help to keep  Trekker thriving!