This year’s New York Comic Con is behind us all now, and a grand adventure it was. As always I’m inspired and rejuvenated by the conversations I have with you Trekker fans, and excited when I introduce the series to new readers and to see the Trekker readership growing and thriving. It’s incredibly rewarding to make those connections through a story that is so much a personal “passion project”. So, a huge THANK YOU to all who stopped by. Below, a few of the commissions I fielded throughout the weekend.

NYCC brings my fall convention season to an end each year. So now I get to return to the drawing board and concentrate on bringing the rest of “Jekka” to the pages even as I’m scripting the adventure which follows it, which I am also super-excited to get to telling!

I find the flights across country are a great time for getting Trekker stories outlined, scripted and even thumb-nailed. So, I’m looking forward to my flight home this evening!

Thanks again to everyone for all the support, and especially for helping to spread the word. I’m hearing from more and more people at shows who are discovering Trekker from word of mouth and blog mentions and the like. That’s tremendously helpful and rewarding. The simple equation is that as the support for Trekker continues to spread, the less other work I have to take on and the quicker I am able to produce the new tales. That makes me happy, and I hope works for you all as well.