The weekend of Friday Feb 28- Sunday March 2 kicks off my convention season. I’ll be at the ECCC, with my Periscope Studio mates in booths 2621/2617. There I’ll be handing out all-new Trekker goodies, and talking about the just-announced all-new Trekker stories coming in May to Dark Horse Presents AND the comprehensive, 300+ page Trekker Omnibus with many extra bells and whistles (selected stories in all-new color, restored and enhanced covers, and lots of rare and never-before published Trekker art, etc) that Dark Horse and I will be bringing out this coming August! And– don’t forget the all-new Monsters and Dames convention book from Emerald City featuring the below brand-new Trekker piece, as well! Come by for sketches, swag, and scuttlebutt about our favorite “retro-futuristic” bounty hunter!