Heads up! The convention season is gearing up already. And with the return of Trekker to my drawing board, I am more excited than ever to attend shows and meet fans. I look forward to spreading the word about Mercy St. Clair in person, and hope to meet many of you at one convention or another.

I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be at the Emerald City Convention which is coming up on March 30-April 1. I’ll be signing, sketching and shouting shamelessly about Trekker all weekend long. Come by and say hi, and if you pick up one of the excellent Monsters and Dames convention books that Emerald City produces exclusively for the show each year, make sure to have me sign the Trekker drawing inside!

Later in the year, I’ll be attending the brand-new hometown show, The Rose City Comic-Con on September 8-9. All the local comics creators (and if you haven’t heard, Portland, OR is a huge, broiling cauldron of comics writers and artists) are excited to see a new, major convention blooming right here at our collective doorstep.

To help promote the launch, I’ve pulled the Trekker image you see up above here from the new adventure I am drawing right now, had Jeremy Colwell (I don’t need to remind y’all about how much I like what Jeremy’s coloring adds to Trekker, do I?) color it as only he can, and sent it off to the folks who are putting on the show. They are preparing flyers and postcards, so this image will no doubt show up in some form or another as the con gets closer. But I wanted to share it with you here right away, because, well, don’t you agree it turned out pretty slick? Makes me even more anxious to see Jeremy’s colors on the actual Trekker pages. And plans are afoot to make just that to happen!

Meantime, I’ll list other conventions as they come on to my schedule. Look forward to seeing you at a show somewhere down the road!